MBV Employees

Fine Print

Eligibility and Anniversary Terms
  • MBV employees may purchase safety toe footwear every year. (or every other year for the maintenance department)
  • Eligibility is based on the date of hire for the Mercedes-Benz Vans Plant in Ladson, SC and is on an annual basis from your anniversary. 
  • If you are transferred to a different department which has different footwear requirements, then your transfer date will become your new eligibility date/anniversary date for safety shoes. 
  • If you are not currently eligible you will be notified.
Payment and Delivery
  • All departments (other than maintenance) are allotted $85 per year.
  • Maintenance is allotted $170 every two years. Maintenance employees can elect to spend all $170 on one transaction for one pair of footwear for the two years or spilt it into two $85 transactions and purchase footwear every year. 
  • If footwear chosen goes over the MBV allowance amount, the $85 (or $170) will be applied to the purchase total and MBV employees would then be responsible to pay the remaining balance.
  • Payment is due at time of pick up.
  • Pick up is at the on-site Team Wear store at our normally scheduled times. Currently Monday and Friday from 12:00pm until 3:00pm.
  • You will be advised of your orders fulfillment within 24 hours of making your selection, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • You will be contacted when your selection is ready for pick up.
Footwear Ratings
EH (Electrical Hazard)
  • EH is non-conductive footwear.
  • Blocks the electrical current from coming in contact with the body.
  • Designed to provide protection from open circuits of 600 volts or less in dry conditions.
  • Electricians need EH and anyone working around electricity.
SD (Static Dissipating) or ESD
  • Designed to reduce the accumulation of excess static electricity.
  • SD footwear slowly releases the charge from the body to eliminate sudden sparks.
  • Employees working around computers, sensitive machines, and gases that could ignite need SD.