How to Fit Western Boots

If you have never worn western boots, figuring out how they are suppose to fit might seem like a daunting task…that’s why here at the BootJack, we pride ourselves on having friendly, knowledgeable sales associates that can assist you in finding the best fit for your western boots.

Here are some key things we look for to ensure you are getting a proper fit:

The Width & Instep

While you should not have to break a sweat to put on a new pair of boots, a boot that fits properly should cause you to do a little work the first couple of times you put them on. Ideally you want the instep and the width of a new boot to fit “comfortably” snug, but by no means tight. The reasoning is that once your boots start to break in, the leather will begin to stretch, so if your boots weren’t snug to begin with, they might end up being too loose!

The Heel

In a new pair of western boots you should have a slight slip in the heel- anywhere from ¼ to ½ an inch. I know it sounds strange, but because the boot is new and the sole is stiff there is nothing preventing your heel from rising up and down. But once the sole begins to loosen up, most of the slippage will disappear. If you do not have any heel slippage to start with, the boot might end up being too tight and cause blisters!

The Toes

You should have plenty of room for your toes. Once a boot has been broken in, your toes tend to settle more forward in the boot, so you want to make sure they do not start off crammed into the toe box area. When standing, your toes should touch, but not push against, the sides of the boot and the ball of your foot should be in the widest part of the boot. If these two things are happening, your toes are most likely in the right place.

The Sound

That’s right…the sound. Here at the BootJack, we often listen to the “sound” a boot makes when a customer tries on a new western boot. We want to hear a little “pop” once your heel makes its way into the boot. If it makes that sound… chances are we probably found the right size boot for you. But if the boot makes no sound or a sound like you are squashing small fruit, well then the boot is too big and we must adjust accordingly!

So here’s all you need to remember…

Snug in the width, slip in the heel, wiggle room, sounds like?, and oh yeah…how do they look!

So come on in and we’ll be happy to find the perfect fit for you!